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NVDA Training Registration

SURJ has made a commitment to supporting, centering, and resourcing poor and working-class leadership within our organization. One way we are making good on that commitment is through solidarity fundraising and resourcing. With this commitment in mind, we are suggesting the following fee structure for the training:
  • Owning/ruling class: We are asking folks who identify as ruling and owning class to pay for their own travel to the training and pay a $300 training fee.
  • Middle class: We are asking folks who identify as middle class or who are part of a chapter that is predominantly middle class to contribute $200 training fee and pay for their travel. We are encouraging chapters to see this as an investment in their collective organizing and raise funds to support someone from your chapter to attend.
  • Poor and working-class: We are asking folks who identify as poor or working class to contribute $25 to the training. Travel stipends are available for poor and working class leadership. If you are taking time off from work and will be losing income to attend, SURJ is providing wage stipends. 

We also know that our class identity doesn’t alway fit neatly into a box and there may need to be additional arrangements made beyond the suggestions outlined above. If you’d like to talk through the financial commitments suggested above, please reach out to Erin directly (surjerin@gmail.com) and we can find an arrangement that works. We are committed to meeting the needs of folks who want to be with us.

The funds raised for the training will cover the travel and stipends for the training team, support for poor and working-class leadership traveling to the training, and food/materials for the training.